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House/Senate Bills
House Bill 1025: this bill exemptions from state sales and use tax to
use Urban Transit Systems!
HB 1026: This bill revises a provision of the Georgia Public Revenue
HB 1035: This bill allows military personal to have exemptions from
states taxes while serving six months or more!
HB 1081: This bill regard revenue and taxation as to change the rate of
interest for past due taxes.
HR 391: This legislation raises the millage rate and property taxes for
blighted properties until the owner of the blighted properties repairs
the property, then the millage and property taxes will decline when
HB 161: This bill allows school officials to arrest trespassers!
HB 1004: This bills make people who call to report an environmental
complaint to leave their name, address and phone number.
HB 1070: This bill allows families of victims of murders to receive an
alert, when to violator is seeking appeals or any other event.
HB 1044: This bill gives local school boards the ability to determine if
students are allowed to use cell phones on school campus.
Senate Bill 221: This bill allows mothers to breast feed unheeded!
HB 2: This bill forms an advisory commission to make recommendations on
how for the state to dispose computer equipment!
HB 1158: This bill allow hunting season for deer and bears to be
extended for a week!
HB 1174: This bill lifts the ban on the use of crossbows for hunting
small and big game.
HB 728: This bill changes certain provisions relating to regulations of
tractors and farm equipment dealerships.
HB 1108: This bill gives powers to a commission to the Board of
Natural Recourses similar to the Georgia motor Vehicle Emissions Act.
HB 1065: This bill allows private detectives to serve summons.
HB 1049: This bill allows a leave of absence for public officer with pay
for donating organs and bone Marrow.
HB 1066: This bill related to torts. It provides a limitation on the
liability of certified child safety passengers.
HB 995: this bill relates to annuity for savings funds of retired
teachers with a minimum of a 4% contribution.
HB 806: This creates a joint Ethanol Production study.
HB 116: This bill allows elective officials a leave of absence with pay
from their employment!
HB 1077: This bill allows many compensation plans for many organization,
employees of Allatcona Authority, Firemen protection fund, and many
others groups to participate in state deferred compensation programs.
HB 1090: This bill relates to facilitates claims and investigations
against the State of Georgia.
HB 1223: This bill provides a flat fee for foreign corporations
transacting business in the state.
HB 1179: This bill deals with the application process of driver license
for minors.
HB 1185: This bill required that dangerous drugs have certain strict
registration requirements and certain treatments.



HB 1142: This bill allows victims of violent crimes to receive $25,000
instead of $10,000 in compensations!
HB 1021: This bill allows sand to be dredged from coastal harbors,
rivers, etc to be placed on adjacent beaches. The local board of
commissioners can approve this issue!
HB 1048: This bill does not allow water craft to be stored on sand dunes
on the beach.
HB 1068: This bill allows Korean War veterans the right to receive
their diploma, because they went to war instead of finishing school!
HB 1100: This bill makes Health Service insurance providers pay for
colorectal screenings.
Senate Bill 329: This bill provides a 10% pay increase for teachers who
work in low performing schools.
SB 336: This bill allows local school board to decide if students can
use cell phones at school!
SB 407: This bill sets severe penalties for parent to neglect their
children in an harmful manner!
HB 1210: This bill allows customers of child care service to check if
that business has been reported for child abuse!
HB 1236: This bill allows 18 paid days to military people, who are
called on emergency situations!


SB 469: This bill will make funerals have their licenses checked and
their activities checked by the state.
SB 348: This bill allows camera to be placed a traffic light to take
pictures of license plates, but the camera
is not allowed to take a picture of the person driving.
SB 378: This bill makes health care insurance providers to tell their
costumers about the restrictions of their coverage, when they purchase
their coverage.
SB 369: This bill allows hunters to plant vegetation or grain in hunting
areas to attract deer.
HB 1268: This bill will require that an emergency alert system be
installed, so people can be warned when bad weather approaches.
HB 1481: This bill creates and enforces rules for cremations.
SB 474: This bill creates strict rules for desecration of bodies, the
violator could be convicted of a felony.
HB 1192: This bill require mechanics to follow federal guidelines to
installing air bags. Violator could receive a felony.
HB 488: This bill allows teachers to receive credit for service for
teaching in private schools.
SB 461: This bill is suppose to stop law enforcement personal from
stopping a motorist because of race.
HB 1192: This bill protects customers from being cheated at repair shop
businesses. the violators can receive a felony.
HB 1128: This bill makes local Government responsible for their vehicles
in an accident.
HB 1364: This bill requires school systems to put filter on their
computer systems to protect from pornography.
SR: This bill will allow granite from Georgia to be used in a statue of
Martin L. King, Jr. statue in Washington, DC.
SB 387: This bill puts Internet restrictions on school computers to keep
student from accessing
SB 388: This bill adjust the quorum requirements for Board of
SB 422: This bill requires the removal of mobile homes from leased land
when the land in their is a foreclose on the home.
SB 66: This bill certifies questions of state law to be submitted to the
supreme court.
SB 386: This bill adds additional qualifications for income to credit
zero emissions automobiles.
SB 408: This bill allows Federal and State Shipping Point Service and
the Firefighters Pension fund members to participate in state flexible
employee benefits plan.
SB 424: This establishes the Forest Heritage Trust Act of 2002.
SB 500: This bill allows Georgia to donate granite to the statue being
built in Washington, DC.
SB 438: This bill allows municipalities receipt of green space
preservation funds.
SB 406: This bill gives funds to the GIS system from alternative funds
to update the system in Georgia.
SB 416: This bill urges the board of trustees of the Employee's
retirement system of GA and the Teachers retirement group to become
separate administration.
SB 100: This bill is for retirement benefits under Peace Officers to
the Annuity and benefit funds.
SB 215: This bill prohibits naming state property after a living public
official until they have been out of office for 5 years.
SB 465: This bill is for the Public Interest Lawyers Fund.
SB 395: This bill allows homestead exemption from a certain city of
Austell of taxes.
SB 389: This bill deals with the international transfer of prisoners to
SB 482 : This bill allows parents to suspend the license of their
minor for six months, if the minor has violated their license privileges.
The minor can get a 30 day driving permit. There can also be a fine of
SB 187: This bill helps eliminates cruel sexual abuse for minors under
HB 1556: This bill make background checks mandatory for bondsmen.
HB 1200: This bill gives charter schools funding and a definitions to
innovate the school system.
SB 482: This is the DUI bill, this bill make DUI convictions more
SB 508: This bill gives a larger compensation to victims of domestic
HB 369: This bill rescinds child support of a proven non-biological
HB 1002: This is the budget for 2002, $16 Billion spending, which begins
July, 1, 2002. 2.2 million for foreign languages, 2.7 million for
School Libraries, 3.5% teacher pay raise, 2.25% State Employee raise,
3.5% salary increase for 4 year degree, $2 million for Trauma, $3
Million benefits for School bus drivers, etc., $3.5 Million for
homeland securities.
HB 1001: Supplemental Budget , $709 Million for construction projects,
$137.5 Million for rural roads, $54 million for electronic voting, $8.5
Million for Tri-State Crematory cleanup, $5 Million grants for rural
hospitals, $2.6 Million to purchase land in downtown Atlanta.
HB 1568: Natural Gas Consumers Act, This bill makes gas suppliers have
reasonable terms and prices.
HB 1402: This bill creates a new license plate to promote the cure for
Breast Cancer.
HB 1433: This bill changes the wording of cities and counties for a
referendum for Sunday beer and spirits in restaurant to malt liquor and
HB 1398: This bill requires Garbage Trucks to have a strobe light
installed, so motorist can see the truck.
HB 1368: This bill allows citizens to renew their drivers license over
the Internet or the mail.
HB 1622: This bill make practicing dentistry with out a license a
HB 1204: This bill allows Medal of Honor winners to have an exemption
from ad valorem tax for their automobiles.
HB 1206: This bill creates a good behavior bond ,concerning violations
of aggravating stalking.
HB 1667: This bill changes the appointment of House of Reps. and Senate
members for qualifications to hold office.


SB 171: This bill changes the way local school council election nominate
SB 200: The bill reforms the Hope Education Reform Act to provide
scholarships for low income citizens.
SB 676: This bill deals with GAE Legislative Conference Day.
SB 349: This bill allows students of home schooling to attend extra
curricular activities.
SB 477: This bill creates Sept. 17 as "respect for Law day", requiring
public schools to display the Ten Commandments, The Magna Carta,
Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution.
SB 569: This bill supports public policy to strengthen marriages and
self sufficient families.
HB 1617: This bill allows the schools superintendent and all officials
to display copies of our national motto, "in God we trust."
SB 187: This bill , the cruelty to children act, amends punishment for
abuse to children for serious injury and sexual abuse to minor under 17
years old, a felony if convicted.
SB 475: This bill protect Georgians from identification fraud, when an
identity is stolen.
SB 355: This bill makes strict rule for autopsy photos.
SR 826: This referendum creates a joint committee to study the future of
Jekyll Island.
HB 1174: This bill allows hunters to use crossbows and handguns for
hunting purposes
SB 385: Bio terrorism Bill: This bill gives the Governor the ability to
call a public health emergency incase of an out break of an infectious
disease, quarantine can be used if necessary.
SB 414: This bill gives the state the right to use voting machines
instead of punch ballot machines. $54 Million was allotted for this
upgrade. This bill allows a citizens not on the voter list to cast a
provisional ballot, which will later be determined legal and then
SB 330: This bill concerns public transport facilities. If a person
avoids, interferes, or tries to disable a security measure will be guilty
of a misdemeanor.
SB 465: This bill allows the Georgia Student Finance Authority to
establish an education forgiveness program for attorney working in the
area of public interest.
SB 368: this bill gives a 10% salary supplement to teacher who has a
national certification.
SB 530: This bill requires bail bondmen to get 8 hours of education a
year to get keep their licenses.
SB 361: This bill makes makers of organic product have the said
ingredients that are named on the label.
SB 389: This bill allows the transfer and exchange of inmates with
foreign countries that have treaties with the United States.
SB 391: This bill changes the membership of the Sapelo Island Heritage
Act. This bill allows full reimbursement for expenses and operations.
SB 370: this bill relates to the hauling and transportation of dead
animals, you must have a permit to haul dead animals.
SB 399: This bill deals with the treatment of agriculture facilities
that breed dogs. Local zoning rules must be followed.
SB 438: This bill creates the Georgia Green peace Fund.


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