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My support letter

                     174 LYNCH RD BRUNSWICK, GA 31520
                    (912) 265-2925

                            August 22, 2002

Senator Rene' Kemp
P.O. Box 497
Hinesville, GA  31310

Dear Rene' Kemp,

  I am writing to congratulate you on your victory in the Democratic Primary.  I would like to let you know that you have my full support and my endorsement for the General Election on November 5, 2002.  
    I would like to thank you for running a clean and informative campaign.  I ran for the State Senate for my family and the families of Georgia.  I feel that you should continue to work for my family and the families of Georgia in the State Senate.  You have the support of the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. You are committed to ending domestic violence and protecting people from domestic violence in Georgia.

    You are dedicated to providing the children of Georgia with a good education.  You have the endorsement of the Georgia Association of Educators.  I want you to go back to the State Senate and continue your dedication to education.

   You have received the endorsement to the National Rifle Association.  You and I believe in the right to bear arms.  I want you to continue to protect the right to bear arms for all Georgians.  

  In conclusion, I feel that you have served honorably in the State Senate for ten years.  You have proven many times that you can do the best job for the citizens of Senate District 3 and Georgia. I want you to continue your diligent work protecting the families of Georgia.  I wish you the best of luck in General Election on November 05, 2002.  I will be voting for you in November, and I hope everyone in Senate District 3 will be encouraged to vote for you in the General Election.   Thank you for your hard work and dedication in the State Senate.

                         Otis Putnam